Ziad Rahbani
Thursday July 30

Ziad Rahbani is one of the few figures that have been able to innovate and, at times, instigate the Arabic music scene, making an artistic impact that transcends the music world. His plays have brought us some of the most creative and timeless musical compositions in the Arabic language, and his albums and words have inspired and enraged many.

Ziad Rahbani, the son of the Lebanese famous composer Assi Rahbani and the most iconic Lebanese singer in the history of Arabic music Fairouz, is counted among the Arab world's most influential and talented composers.

 His first known artistic work was work "Sadiqi Allah"; he made his musical debut in the play “AlMahata”, and composed the music to the song "Saalouni El Nass" that gained Rahbani his first recognition in the Arab music world.

Ziad Rahbani is regarded as a versatile composer not only for the creativity and originality of his compositions but also for his mastery of both "Oriental" and Western musical styles, and thus, is responsible for some of the most popular as well as some of the most critically acclaimed music in the Arab world. More than any other artist, Ziad Rahbani was responsible for developing a kind of "Arab jazz" that was pioneered by his father Assi and uncle Mansour and incorporated Western musical elements while utilizing a combination of traditional Arabic instruments alongside new instruments.